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We work in the wide areas of programming, design, creative processing. We work for you and your customers. We work as partners, cause partnership will bring the best results. Trust us, as we trust you, cause we do something you cannot. Talk to us, we need feedback. It’s our salt & pepper and daily dose of inspiration. First of all beautiful, compelling visual stories – well programmed. Innovative solutions that simply work. Mobile versions on the fly and implemented search marketing. Get in touch, let‘s talk.

From the 90's to now

With nearly 30 years of experience, we do webdesign, marketing and SEO to help organisations and companies to achieve their goals and grow their brands. We’re a full-service digital network-agency with knowledge, experience and a lot of love for the digital industry we work in since the early 90s. Each and every one of us in our network has a passion for what we do – be that design, development, search marketing or creative work.

Challenge us with your story and don´t forget:
„Even the darkest hour has only 60 minutes!“

The future is digital.
Go for it.

Digitization begins with the development of a digital strategy and may end with the use of artificial intelligence, the expansion of cloud use or the use of data analysis. Digitization includes the automated and networked processing of information made possible by digital technologies. These technologies include everything from websites, digital advertising, social media, e-commerce and mobile apps to cloud computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Go for a strategic step forward.

We work[ed]for ...

Osterkuss gGmbH • The Perfume Collective Berlin • Wertform GmbH • CAFEA Group Hamburg • Mount Hagen • Freshfläsch • Inclutrain – EU Projekt • HFC Computer • BKT-Immobilien Hamburg • Stefanie Gredig • Stefan Nimmesgern • DIP Immobilien • Deutsche Bank – SAP Open • Arnold Hertz • Hochschulverwaltung Hamburg …

more • betterchoice Audio • Studio Hamburg GmbH • Gosch & Schlüter GmbH • Wincor Nixdorf Int. • ITS Hamburg • Bacardi Deutschland • Herbert Gerisch-Stiftung • Continental AG • Sven Regener • Leander Haußmann • Eastpak • Universität Tübingen • LFV-Kiel • Canis-Kynos • TabCard • Strebel Schweiz • Marwitz Baumaschinen • Becks • Warsteiner • Flensburger • AKA-USA • Fashion Sport Agentur • Guiness • Brinckhoff • ESPlant • Roik Architekten • GS-Consult • Landgesellschaft SH • GIOIA Training • Elektromarken • SGS Scharmützelsee • Deutsche Bahn AG • Universität Hamburg • Studentenwerk Hamburg • CAU Kiel • Hamburg Immo • Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG • CatfishCreative • Silver Fast GmbH • Sonnenberg GmbH • Deutsche Städtereklame • Faust & Tiedemann • Schulverband Glückstadt • Landeshauptstadt Kiel • Surefire USA • Ostseebad Laboe • Tourismusverband Glückstadt • KOMA • Stena Line • Arndt & Bleibohm • Colour Line • AKA Hochschule für Equinologie • Schmidt & Hoffmann GmbH • ICS GmbH • Our Fashion • Hanseatisches Institut für Mediation • Klaus Hillebrecht • Stella Entertainment • Bestmann & Schmidt • NDR • Fairway Marketing • Eventim AG • Studio Hamburg • Stadt Glückstadt • VHS • AWO Schleswig-Holstein • Eichenhof gGmbH • Dogument • Feldsien Architekten • Lüderitz Immobilien • Stadtwerke Glückstadt • Shooters • Hofgemeinschaft Weide-Hardebek • Schloss Eulenbroich • Pharmion GmbH • Need Design • HIRZL Golf • Kita Lütte Lüüd • Arnold Hertz • Lebenhilfe Neumünster • ANVW • Universal Music • IKEA Kirsten Grabade Film • OGIO GmbH • Stephen Joseph Inc. USA • Das kleine Schwarze Hamburg • Mile High 69 Gin • Vitastiq Zagreb • Submissions-Anzeiger Verlag • Your Best Mallorca - Personal Travel Agents • InterEngineer • Elbe Boardinghouse

One more thing!

Our workbench, network partners and creative resources are our most valuable assets. We can’t afford to give them away for free. From our experience we know that the best work happens in a reliable relationship. Therefore we don‘t take part in unpaid pitches. Even paid pitches have their boundaries in creative and highbrow parts. We do offer a first strategic analysis and a creative briefing with a little tasty cream. Just ask us.